Friday, December 23, 2011

How to fix Moonies

Level of Experience: Beginner

 Polymer clay moonies that is.... (In case you were thinking of something else).

In my last article I briefly mentioned Polymer clay moonies. I thought I'd write more about them with this article.

Moonies are tiny cracks appearing on, or just below the surface of a polymer clay sculpture. Their are lot's of theories as to what causes them. could be due to tiny bits of air trapped under the clay. Might have
something to do with humidity, Or the mixture of clay. I do not know the exact reasons.

I can say from my experimenting with different brands of polymer clay. Some brands of polymer clays are more prone to moonies, compared to other brands.  For example when I worked in Super Sculpey and Sculpey III I got lots of moonies.

I've been using FIMO for the past few years and have not had a single issue with cracks or moonies.

For those who prefer the polymer clay brands which are prone to moonies their is some good news. You can repair them. :0)

If the crack or moonie is not to far into the sculpture you can simply carve and Sand them out.

If the moonies deep they can be carved out, then using a mix of grated sawdust-like polymer clay particles (to match the sculptures color) mixed with Epoxy Glue, a filler can be created.
After mixing the filler You fill in the hole and let it air dry.

One of the biggest let downs of a doll artist is to pull your newly cured sculpt out of the oven and see....Cracks, and Moonies. It is a dreaded moment indeed. Makes the mightiest among us weep. Well wipe those tears...take out the neglected, unfinished, Moonie filled sculpts then repair those cracks!

And have a very Merry Christmas


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