Monday, September 9, 2013

18th Century Spanish lady mouse sketch preview

for the next little while I'm going to slow down on creating big sets with more than one piece/mouse/critter. and just work on improving the mice fashions/realistic fabric looks/color/ and lighting. for individual mice. I need to improve in those areas. This 18th century Spanish lady mouse is the beginning:
Fingers crossed she turns out alright. xoxo Aleah


  1. Oh Aleah with your talent the possibilities are endless. King Henry the VIII Bear springs to mind. Families from different eras (is that the right term) Colonists, Puritans, Royalty, Noblemen. Can\t wait to see what you come up with.\
    Hugs and a big thank you for the sunshine.

  2. I love all your ideas. I've started studying fashion illustration and history. I'm loving it so far. The mice costumes will get better and more interesting. :)

    I'm glad you like this Spanish lady mouse sketch, she's finally finished, and turned out very much like the sketch. :)

    Hugs back at ya,