Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nov 23-24 Auction to benefit a lady battling cancer.

This wee little mouse is one of the many artist works being auctioned on Nov 23-24 on Facebook. To help raise money for getting Marlene Buffington and her family through her battle with cancer. For more info on this fundraiser follow this link:

To bid on these auctions you will need to have a facebook ID/page. After logging in or signing up with facebook go to this page look for my mouse or any of the other auctions you may want to bid on. Then in the comments section of the auctions type the price you want to win it for. Highest price wins. The auctions are being done this way in order to spend as little money on fees as possible. So the fundraiser raises as much as possible. Facebook has no fees, unlike Ebay which has very high fees.

List of participating artists: Mariella Vitale
Linda Cummings
Lory Tonetti
Courtney Strong
Tara Lee Hauki
Christina (Precious Heirlooms
Karim (victorian67
Pat Carlson
Tracy Topps
Terre Fernandez
Joolz Kendall
Cindy Adams
Angee Chase
Lori Turner-Dolinsek
Sandra Keller Palesch
Joy Cox
Stephanie Kilgast
Linda Master
Aleah Klay
Amber and Aaron Matthies
Cathy Ruggiero (supplies only)
Kathy Sirk Phipps
Kim Marshall Saulter
Janine (Miss Amelia)
Rosie Emhoolah-Vargas (myminisweets
Leia V.
Daisy Regina Ferraz Capri
Susan Wener
Dale Chimel
Lucy Maloney
Evon Thayer
Angel Dull Sawyer
Marcella Minicaretti
Debbie and Lauren Dixon-Paver
Moriah Betterly
Jodi Creager
Thank you to everyone who is considering bidding. Love you all! Hugs, Aleah