Sunday, January 17, 2016

Work in progress video of a tiny teddy bear, lion pull toy and mouse wearing lion overalls.

Most of the last two years I spent being depressed about my illness, or dealing with the illness, or racing like a mad horse catching up to try and pay the bills, and/or come up with "good" ideas. Between my bad attitude about being ill, and the meds coming up with ideas was very difficult. I'd like to say this year looks more promising but so far every week I've had two tests/doc appointments. and failing medications....again. But I'm trying to manage and forget about it. So one thing I wanted to do before I got to sick to work well, was post videos of win progress pieces. I don't know what the future will bring so I'm moving on with what I wanted to do as much as possible. I hope you enjoy these videos. The Voice: Aja Volkman The Band: Nico Vega Album: Lead to light First song: Home Second song: Dance The critters, One very tiny gray bear, A mouse with lion overalls, A lion pull toy.

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