Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Miniature Mother and baby mouse art doll sculpture w/ teddy bear Artist Aleah Klay Moved to Ebay

This funny little piece is very dear to me. My mother had 8 children, she did not have any of us on leashes at all. The idea leashing children is ridiculous, but funny. While it is totally unsuitable for human children. I do wonder if my mother would have wanted something like a child leash from time to time. Particular moments which come to mind were when my mother would take some of us grocery shopping, and when we were expected to sit still in church.
Available today is a mouse version of this funny idea. She is a good mamma, she just wants to get some errands done. Mamma mouse is wearing a dress made from pink and green cane work. Her coat is embroidery floss and light blue. Babies dress is various shades of pinks, and she has a gray harness/leash. Her little bear is white with black clay eyes and a gray nose. Mamma's fur is various shades of browns, and whites. They were sculpted and fabricated by me. Medium is polymer clay, over a wire armature, viscose fur, embroidery floss, chalk pastels, and acrylic paint. Measures just 1 1/4 inches tall (3.1 cm). Each of my sculptures come with a signed, dated, and numbered Certificate of Authenticity card.Moved to Ebay
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