Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Miniature flying pig mamma and two babies dollhouse mini art doll scupture by Aleah Klay SOLD

SOLD This listing is for a miniature Flying pig mother and her two babies snugly fit to her sides. Mamma pig, and her piglets were sculpted and painted in light to medium pink. Mamma wears a sweater flocked with embroidery floss. The " rope leash" is used for displaying in flight attached to your mini scene, art doll, (or anything else) Sculpted and fabricated by artist Aleah Klay. Medium is polymer clay, over a wire armature, embroidery floss, viscose fur, chalk pastels, and acrylic paint. Measures just 1 1/2 inches long(3.1 cm). 2 inches tall to tip of wings (5 cm). Leash is about 6 inches long. Each of my sculptures come with a signed, dated, and numbered Certificate of Authenticity card. SOLD, Thank you :)
Shipping days are supposed to be Tuesdays, and Fridays. I will email a tracking number when shipped. Free first class Domestic and International shipping. Insurance and Delivery confirmation are included with Domestic Shipping only. Expected Delivery Time from shipping date: USA: 3-10 days Canada: - 2-4 weeks Europe, Australia (except Italy, and Greece) : 3-4 weeks Italy, Greece, and Asia: 4-8 weeks Russia 4-12 weeks

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