Friday, March 9, 2012

Yorkshire Terrier sculpting kit and a few other updates

Been Tweaking a few things here and there.

On Ebay. A new F.A.Q section is on my ME page. Questions include,
How do I add the Fur? What are the costumes made of? ect...

You can see the ME page here:

The Auction pages look a bit different too. Under shipping we've added expected delivery times based on which Country you are in. This should help international collectors a lot since shipping time varies so much from Country to Country.

Over on Etsy. With the beginner in mind, We've created a supplies kit for Creating a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier. This Kit is meant to go with the Yorkshire Terrier Sculpting Tutorial.
It is the cheapest way to get all the materials needed. The beginner living in the USA who has none of the supplies would be spending $30.00-$40.00 to get everything.
With my kit you can now try sculpting and furring a miniature for just $12.99

Still working on more tutorials, guides, and kits but it's all going very slowly. I can only work on them part time for now. When they are finished They'll be available on Etsy and will be announced on this blog as well as on the Facebook page:

Until next time, Happy Sculpting!