Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A wee little ball jointed doll named Orli

Big, Big, BIG announcement. I've been making dolls again.

It's been over three years since my last attempt at doll making I'd turned my focus to miniatures But when I saw my first ball jointed doll I fell in love. For about a year I'd been reading about how to make BJD's and writing down ideas for them. Well a few months ago it was time to start. I worked on her part time and the miniatures full time.

My friend and fellow Artist sister Nefer Kane has Inspired, supported and encouraged me in this new venture. If you've not seen Nefer's dolls take a look here: http://circuskane.com/circus-kane-online-store/ Be prepared to have your heart stolen. I've two of her dolls (Aleah and Miss Humpty Dumpty) I am head over heals for them.  

So now let me introduce Orli my first Micro BJD. She is a tiny 4 1/4 inches tall (10.6 cm). However her resin clones may end up slightly smaller.

She was sculpted from polymer clay and some areas gave me trouble so were carved and resculpted. This is why she has some discoloration. Her Resin clones will be a solid light tan skin tone.

She will be priced around $250.00. Her preorder will begin once I've confirmation she is safe in the manufacturer's hands.

I hope you all love little Orli. She is the beginning of many more characters to come.

♥•♥•♥ and Hugs,

PS I'll announce the start of her preorder here, as well as on my Facebook page. More to come Very soon.