Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dyeing viscose doll hair: Streaking three colors

I've noticed sometimes doll's hair doesn't look realistic because artists use just one shade of color. In reality hair has multiple shades of a specific color.

I've experimented and come up with one method (I'm sure there are many others) for streaking viscose doll hair. I say streaking but really it is combining three or more shades and not actual streaking.

In my last article I wrote about how to dye Viscose doll hair. For this technique you will need three or more shades of previously dyed doll hair.

Take your three colors of viscose doll hair.If needed brush out with a tooth brush.

Cut equal lengths of all three colors. split each color into smaller pieces.

Lay them side by side in an alternating pattern. Split them into a few smaller clusters.

Then begin blending by pulling pieces of the cluster out then adding it back and pull another section of the cluster and put back repeat until the hair is blended as much or as little as you'd like.You may need to repeat this part 30 times or so.
The cluster on the left shows what it looks like blended.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Dyeing Viscose doll hair with Rit dye

Take your viscose and tie a knot into one end. This prevents the doll hair from becoming a tangled mess in the dye bath.

Add a bit of water to the bottom of a small sauce pan. Set stove to medium add a drop of Rit dye.  
Note: to make the color lighter, add more water to make it darker use less water and/or add a tiny bit of black Rit dye.

Take your viscose doll hair and run under water to make damp. Then put the viscose in the dye bath.

How long you leave it in depends on how light or dark you want the color. If you'd like a light color leave it in for only a minute or so. For darker colors add a few more minutes.

When you've the color you'd like, take the viscose out with a spoon place on paper towel, then pat dry with a few paper towels. Lay flat to let it dry, or if you're in a hury use a hair dryer.

My next blog entry will be about how to add streaks using three different shades of Rit dyed, viscose doll hair.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Conditioning Polymer Clay

Level of Experience: Beginner

Polymer clays need to be conditioned before sculpting. One good way to condition polymer clay is to first break off/cut off the amount of clay you want to use. Then roll it in your hands 30 seconds or so to warm the clay. Then begin to knead the clay (flatten, fold in half, and repeat).  until the clay is soft and easier to work with. After conditioning your clay if it is still to firm or soft after conditioning you have a couple of options:

If to firm: Mix your polymer clay with Fimo Mix quick (if you are using fimo) or Sculpey Clay softner (If you are using Polyform clays).

If to soft:  You can Leach your clay by placing it inbetween layers of paper. I use at least 10 sheets of white printer paper. 5 under neath the clay and 5 above the clay. I Then place something heavy on top of the whole stack. At least 24 hours later I remove the clay and check it. Usually by then it is ready to be sculpted with.

xoxo -Aleah