Monday, January 16, 2012

Dyeing Viscose doll hair with Rit dye

Take your viscose and tie a knot into one end. This prevents the doll hair from becoming a tangled mess in the dye bath.

Add a bit of water to the bottom of a small sauce pan. Set stove to medium add a drop of Rit dye.  
Note: to make the color lighter, add more water to make it darker use less water and/or add a tiny bit of black Rit dye.

Take your viscose doll hair and run under water to make damp. Then put the viscose in the dye bath.

How long you leave it in depends on how light or dark you want the color. If you'd like a light color leave it in for only a minute or so. For darker colors add a few more minutes.

When you've the color you'd like, take the viscose out with a spoon place on paper towel, then pat dry with a few paper towels. Lay flat to let it dry, or if you're in a hury use a hair dryer.

My next blog entry will be about how to add streaks using three different shades of Rit dyed, viscose doll hair.



  1. thanks Aleah for sharing your knowledge. Cant wait to see what comes next. This is something I know nothing about . Is this for doll making or do you use this for the bears and mice?

  2. You are welcome, I use it for both doll wigs and animal furring.

  3. They say that sharing is caring....Thank you for the share as I can use your info greatly for my doll's hair :)

    1. You are welcome Mary, I want this blog to be a good resource for miniaturist, doll artists, bear artists, and polymer clay artists. I'm glad this article was useful to you. I think you'll like the next one two. It is basically a second part to this article. :)